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From Abstraction to Action

The role of persistent activity

How do brains create abstract representations?
How can the motor system access these representations to generate endlessly flexible behavior?
And what does it mean to have conscious access to such representations?

I'm a neuroscientist in the Shadlen Lab at Columbia University, New York and these are some of the questions that interest me. 

I did my PhD in the Angelucci Lab at the University of Utah, where I studied how context influences encoding of visual information in early visual cortex.


Shadlen Lab
Dept. of Neuroscience
Zuckerman MBBI
Columbia University


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Phone: +1 (801) 326 9287                    

Mailing address

c/o Shadlen Lab
J. L. Greene Science Center
3227 Broadway, L5 Quad 5A,
New York, NY 10027