Authors  Title  Journal/Book Year Link
Jeurissen D*, Shushruth S*, El-Shamayleh Y, Horwitz, GD, Shadlen MN.Deficits in decision-making induced by parietal cortex inactivation are compensated at two time scales.Neuron2022PDF
Shushruth S, Zylberberg A, Shadlen MN. Sequential sampling from memory underlies action selection during abstract decision making.Current Biology2022PDF
Shushruth S*, Mazurek M, Shadlen MN. Comparison of decision-related signals in sensory and motor preparatory responses of neurons in Area LIP.Journal of Neuroscience2018PDF
Seyedhosseini M*, Shushruth S*, Davis T, Ichida JM, House PA, Greger B, Angelucci A, Tasdizen TInformative features of local field potential signals in primary visual cortex during natural image stimulation.Journal of Neurophysiology2015PDF
Angelucci A, Shushruth SBeyond the classical receptive field: Surround modulation in primary visual cortex. (Book chapter)The New Visual Neurosciences2014
Shushruth SExploring the neural basis of consciousness through anesthesia.Journal of Neuroscience2013PDF
Shushruth S*, Nurminen L*, Bijanzadeh M, Ichida JM, Vanni S, Angelucci ADifferent orientation tuning of near- and far-surround suppression in macaque primary visual cortex mirrors their tuning in human perception.Journal of Neuroscience2013PDF
Shushruth S, Mangapathy P, Ichida JM, Bressloff PC, Schwabe L, Angelucci AStrong Recurrent Networks Compute the Orientation Tuning of Surround Modulation in the Primate Primary Visual Cortex.Journal of Neuroscience2012
Schwabe L, Ichida JM, Shushruth S, Mangapathy P, Angelucci AContrast-dependence of surround suppression in Macaque V1: Experimental testing of a recurrent network model.Neuroimage2010PDF
Shushruth S*, Ichida JM*, Levitt JB, Angelucci AComparison of spatial summation properties of neurons in macaque V1 and V2.Journal of Neurophysiology2009PDF

Conference presentations (as primary author)

Authors  Title  Conference Year Link
Jeurissen D*, Shushruth S*, El-Shamayleh Y, Horwitz GD, Shadlen MN. Deficits in decision making after pharmacological and chemogenetic inactivation of Area LIPSociety for Neuroscience2019Abstract
Shushruth S, Shadlen MN. Postponement of evidence accumulation in area LIP until action-selection is possible.CoSyNe2016Website (talk)
Shushruth S, Shadlen MNA diffusion process underlies action selection in an abstract decision-making task.Society for Neuroscience2016Abstract
Shushruth S, Mazurek M, Shadlen MNA comparison of categorization signals and decision related signals in Area LIP.Society for Neuroscience2013Abstract
Shushruth S, Davis TS, Tasdizen T, Ichida JM, House P, Greger B, Angelucci ALFP signals evoked by natural image stimulation of the far-surround of V1 neurons carry contrast-independent, image- specific information.Society for Neuroscience2011Abstract
Shushruth S, Tasdizen T, Ichida JM, Angelucci A Surround signals in V1 evoked by natural images carry image specific information.Neural Computation2011Website
Shushruth S, Ichida JM, Levitt JB, Angelucci AComparison of spatial summation properties in macaque V1 and V2.Society for Neuroscience2009Abstract
Shushruth S, Ichida JM, Angelucci AOrientation tuning of facilitatory and suppressive signals from the far-surround of primary visual cortex neurons.CoSyNe2008Abstract
Shushruth S, Ichida JM, Angelucci AFar-surround facilitation of sub-optimally oriented stimuli in the classical receptive field.Society for Neuroscience2007Abstract

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